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Terms and Conditions

1. Pass/Tickets & Extras

It is mandatory to buy a Pass/Ticket for everyone who wants to attend the conventions. Different kinds of tickets are available for sale from the moment the convention is announced, until a couple of weeks before the convention. Every Pass you get will allow you to buy extras from the ticketing service: autographs, photo shoots, meeting rooms, parties…

Every pass and extra that you buy bears your name so you will have to provide us with that information when you get your ticket, as well as an email address. You will then receive an e-ticket to this email address and you will be able to have your pass issued on the day of the convention or on the day before, where the event takes place. We will ask you to bring an ID in order to verify your identity. If you didn’t buy you ticket from the online ticketing service, you will receive an email from us.

If you make a mistake while giving us information, please contact us as soon as possible.

It is possible to buy a ticket for another person by sharing their name and email address at the time of the purchase.

Reselling pass is strictly forbidden.

The prices on our ticketing service are exempt from the fees that “CITYVENT” asks of you when you are purchasing tickets.

Once the prices are announced on our website, they can’t be raised. However, prices can be different for the same Pass/Extra from one event to another.

2. Terms & Methods of Payment

A ticketing service will be set up as soon as the convention is announced. You will be able to pay using a credit card or PayPal. These methods of payment are strongly recommended.

Bank transfer payment will take more time to process. You will get your e-ticket upon receipt of your completed payment.

Some tickets may be payable in several installments. You will then receive an email with a payment schedule that explains the due dates and the amount you have to pay for each installment. If the statutory time limits allowed for payments to be made have elapsed, your tickets will be cancelled. No refunds will be possible then.

3. Transfer of Ownership

A ticket or an extra will be sent to you once full payment is received.

4. Summer Methods

Refunds for tickets and extras will only be possible if the event you bought tickets for is cancelled.

5. Minors

A parental consent form is required for minors between the ages of 16 and 18 (the form is available on our website). A photocopy of the ID of the person that signs the form will also be mandated.

Minors under the age of 16 will be able to attend the conventions only if they are accompanied by someone who is at least 18 and who purchased a ticket.

6. Modifications of an Event

CloudsCon reserves the right to modify the dates, places or guest of one of the events they host. Any purchase following a modification from the organization will apply to those changes.

If you purchased a ticket before a possible modification and you can no longer attend the event, you will be able to transfer your purchase to another event hosted by CloudsCon to keep you from losing money. Also, if CloudsCon change the dates of the event, you will be able to ask a reimbursement.

If the place of the event has to change, CloudsCon do not reimburse for hotel or transportation expenses, or any passes and extras.

If a guest is not able to make it to the event, you will be able to choose other extras that are available at the time. Also, your pass won’t be refunded.

7. Conduct of Events

You will be given a bracelet and a badge at the same time you pick up your ticket and extras. You will have to wear it throughout the convention. The CloudsCon team members will need to check that you are wearing it to enter the convention area as well as autographs, photo shoots, and meeting rooms’ areas. Without your bracelet and badge, you could be asked to leave the convention area.

You will also need to have your pass on you as soon as you enter the convention area and until you leave for good. You will need to be in possession of your extras when you are waiting in line for those extras.

The schedule has to be carefully respected as the team has worked on the timing of the event.

If you are not present for an extra, we can’t guarantee you will be able to do them later during the convention. Refunds won’t be possible if you miss an extra.

Every pass sold by CloudsCon is a two-day pass. If you can’t make it on Saturday or Sunday, we don’t guarantee you will be able to do all your extras.

CloudsCon can’t be held responsible for how the photos turn out (closed eyes…). Only blurry and not properly centered photos will be able to have a do over. We also can’t be held responsible for a wrongly-spelled name on an autograph.

Gifts to the guests are allowed if they are not bulky or disrespectful, during the autograph sessions. For safety and hygienic reasons, the participants can’t offer food to the guests.

8. Photos, videos & image rights

Videos are strictly forbidden throughout the whole event, except for opening and closing ceremonies.

Flash photos are allowed when the guests arrive on the stage. Once the Q&As star, you will be ask to stop the flashes and take regular pictures. If a participant takes to many pictures and is an inconvenience to other participants, the staff members are reserved the right to issue warnings.

If several warnings are issued to one participant, they might be asked to leave the Q&A or the convention site if there is a recurrence of warnings.

Photos are forbidden outside of the Q&As area.

By purchasing a pass and by attending one of CloudsCon’s events, you will us to use your image, including for any advertising and commercial use, on our website or on social medias.

9. Conformity

CloudsCon is not responsible for any theft, damage or loss of your personal effects.

The schedule of an event can be modified before or on the day of the convention. Audible and visual announcements in French and English will be made throughout the event so please remain vigilant. No refunds are possible because of those modifications.

CloudsCon reserve the right to refuse participants who will interfere the good functioning of the event (defamation, aggression, non-compliance with the rules…) and can ask such participants to leave the premises of the convention with no refunds due.

Clouds could change the general terms of use of an event at any time of the year but purchases prior to those modifications will not apply to them.

By purchasing a pass or an extra for an event hosted by CloudsCon, you are committed to respecting the general terms use.


Terms and Conditions

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