What is an “extra” ?

An extra is something you buy to access an activity. You have to buy a pass in order to use those extras.
There are 4 types of extras:
– Autograph: you can have one guest sign one support.
– Photo shoot: you can have your picture taken with one or several guests according to the type of photo shoot you purchased.
– Meeting-room: you will share a private moment with a guest for about 30 minutes with a limited number of people (maximum of 30 persons).
– Themed party: the party will take place on Saturday evenings with some or all of the guests (we will know this information before the convention).
Other extras might be available if the guests are up for it. They will be up for sale on our ticketing service.
You are not allowed to take personal photos with the guests throughout the weekend or you risk to be excluded from the convention.

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